Fuck Yeah Caitlin Moran
congratulations, you’re a feminist


“Caitlin Moran has a fantasy of the night she and her sister Caz win an Academy Award for the film adaptation of her book “How to Be a Woman” (in real life, they are still working on the screenplay). They are dressed for the occasion, but they are not wearing dresses.

‘We’ve made a pact that we will wear what we believe to be the greatest outfit of all time, which is the jumpsuit worn by the Ghostbusters,” Moran said recently. “We will both have the unlicensed nuclear accelerators on our backs” — those are the ghost-thwarting devices — “and we will be the first women ever to win an award while wearing comfortable shoes. All the other women will be wearing stilettos that hurt. But we will go onstage in boots, and everyone will know that we are having the best time of anyone.”
From the New York Times Magazine profile of Caitlin, author of How to Be a Woman, which is on sale next week!