Fuck Yeah Caitlin Moran

OMG this is going to be so awesome!  Hope we get to see it.


OMG this is going to be so awesome!  Hope we get to see it.

…They’re all in here, especially the Sherlock thing. There’s a lot of Sherlock in here. In many ways, this book might as well be called “Deduce THIS, Sexlock Holmes!” with a picture of me licking his meerschaum, cross eyed and screaming.
Caitlin Moran Moranthology (via journaltojournal)
It was a distractedly beautiful piece of cinematography as you’re ever likely to see, and- accompanied by David Arnold and Michael Price’s lush, weeping soundtrack- left you walking away from the television after ninety minutes feeling like you’d just been fed lobsters, champagne, and truffles through your brain.
Caitlin Moran on  A Scandal in Belgravia (via sophisticated-cat)
The only other drama I’ve ever craved as much - viscerally wanted to cram into my mouth, mumbling “No, I haven’t seen any drama around here. I think it’s all gone” so I didn’t have to share it - was Sherlock.
Caitlin Moran talking about The Hour. (In which Caitlin Moran is all of us)






Louise Brealey, the actress who plays Molly Hooper in BBC’s Sherlock, asks her followers on twitter what they think Molly gave Sherlock for Christmas. These are some of her favorite suggestions.

Well that’s akward for Molly, because Heart Slices on Specimen Slides is what John got Sherlock. 

Caitlin Moran wins again for most creepy suggestion, IMO

Caitlin Moran is my spirit animal.

BOOM CAITLIN MORAN. JUST BOOM. THAT WOMAN IS LIKE JUST ASKDJLALSKDFJ. She always pops up being awesome, and somewhat odd, but awesome!

Should you not favour the cape, and/or prefer to use your arms, a/w 2011 has another option for you: the mannish coat.
“it should look like it’s borrowed from the man in your life,” Vogue explained, over shots of tweedy, boyish, single-breasted numbers.
This of course, would be fine if the man in your life is Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock, who rarely has less than a grand’s worth of hot and alluring tailoring hanging on the peg by the front door. Were I to wear a coat borrowed from the man in my life, however, I’d be pitching up to smart dinners in a bright yellow pac-a-mac, decorated with one of Thomas Yorke’s trademark of a sad, abused panda.
Caitlin Moran, The Times Magazine 17.09.11 (via justnaance)


Caitlin Moran doing a Sherlock interview

why did I never see this before?