Fuck Yeah Caitlin Moran
Read it HERE if you’ve somehow managed to miss it!

Read it HERE if you’ve somehow managed to miss it!

Caitlin Moran interview on the Ray D’Arcy show talks about sex clubs with Lady Gaga.

Your day job is writing for a newspaper. Didn’t you once end up at a sex club with Lady Gaga?

Yes. This was at the time the rumor was going round that she was secretly a man. I saw her vagina when she was on the toilet. I quickly checked, as a journalist would, and I was able to break that news in the Times of London, one of the oldest and most respectable newspapers in the world.

We’ve been talking for only a minute, and you’ve already brought up vaginas. There was recently a bit of controversy in the U.S….

….and then Time Magazine cuts off what looks like a promising, vagina-filled interview and demands a subscription.

Caitlin Moran talks Gaga and vaginas.

Situation normal.

Oh God, I saw her just before Christmas and we got absolutely wankered. She played me the whole of the new album. So I heard Born This Way for the first time and it was just her in a bra and knickers, jumping up and down screaming it in my face. By the time she got to the end of the album I was a) not only convinced that she had written Hair about me, because she kept pointing at my hair and I was thinking ‘last time you met me my hair was so inspirational that you’ve written a fucking song about my hair’, which is amazing, but I was also so drunk that I’d started to think that she fancied me and that maybe something would happen. Next time I’m with her I need to not drink quite so much whiskey, I think? But yeah, we’re working on something now.
Caitlin Moran on Gaga.
Life’s too short to argue with people who aren’t enjoying a tiny buck-toothed whisky-drinking 25-year-old chick from New York who walks around in shoes shaped like armadillos and arrives at award ceremonies in a giant egg.
Caitlin Moran on Lady GaGa (via that-kiss)
My new faaaaaave photo! :)

My new faaaaaave photo! :)