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I wrote ‘How to Be A Woman,’ not ‘How to Be ALL Women.’ I would never presume to speak for 3.3 billion women. There is no ‘one voice of feminism.’ There is no ‘one voice’ of anything.
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We need the only word we have ever had to describe “making the world equal for men and women.” Women’s reluctance to use it sends out a really bad signal. Imagine if, in the 1960s, it had become fashionable for black people to say they “weren’t into” civil rights. “No! I’m not into civil rights! That Martin Luther King is too shouty. He just needs to chill out, to be honest.”
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Caitlin Moran - How to Be a WomanHow to Be a Woman
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And that was again why I just wanted to write a book that was about a girl who followed her will and followed her desire and learnt from her mistakes and wanted to be a good and noble person, didn’t want to be pretty, wanted to be good and noble and have a really good time. Those things are key. It should be pleasurable to be a woman and we still se ourselves as a massive list of problems. And it took me until I was 34 to realize I’m alive! I’m not a massive list of problems, I’m a person who can be useful and entertaining and wrk hard and do things.
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a majority of women’s magazines feature women who do amazing things, but the article focuses on how she ruined it with her shoes.
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Men are obsolete? Man, that I should be this obsolete: holding 99 per cent of the world’s wealth, totalling 66 of Forbes’ “71 Most Powerful People In The World” list, being every single pope, American president and secretary general of the UN, and in charge of every military force on Earth. If this is men being obsolete, I’m intrigued to see what they will be able to achieve once they’ve downloaded some manner of software update.
When did feminism become confused with Buddhism? Why on earth have I, because I’m a woman, got to be nice to everyone? And why have women—on top of everything else—got to be “lovely” and “supportive” to each other at all times? This idea of the “sisterhood” I find, frankly, illogical, I don’t build in a 20 percent “Genital Similarity Regard Bonus” if I meet someone else wearing a bra.
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You know what – it really is OK if a woman comes along and does just a little bit of pioneering.


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In recent years, I’ve been frequently told that my childhood dislike and fear of Mrs Thatcher was deeply ironic — as I am, in actual fact, a classic child of Thatcher. “Look at you! Self-made! Working since you were 13, from a council estate in Wolverhampton! Pulled up by your bootstraps! You are the absolute proof of everything she was saying! Mrs Thatcher made you!”

To which I always reply, very quietly: “Yes. But look around. How many others like me made it out? How many ascended into a world of boys from Eton and Cambridge and the Home Counties, at ease with walking into big rooms and making things happen?” By and large, you will find the power in exactly the same places it was in 1979.