Fuck Yeah Caitlin Moran
Caitlin Moran in the Gay Times

How on earth are you going to go about thanking every body on Twitter? 

Have you not seen my Twitter feed? It’s just full of the repeated phrase ‘Oh thanks, darling. Xxxx’. I might narrow it down to just ‘xxx’ and then just ‘x’ when I start getting repetitive strain injury. I’m doing my best; I like the people who buy my stuff. Someone was asking me yesterday, as so many have been responding to it on Twitter, and a friend of mine who loves Lady Gaga as much as I do, was asking if I was going to give my fans a nickname in the style of ‘Little Monsters’. Given that so many people have responded to the masturbation chapters, I may start calling them the ‘little wankers’. [Laughs] Then I can start saying how much I love my ‘little wankers’ all the time and raising my paws. 

There’s got to be a wrist movement as well. 

Oh, there’s always got to be a wrist movement. 

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Caitlin Moran is my spirit animal.

The idea that women should have to flirt in order to get on is just as vexing as any other thing women are supposed to have to do - such as be thin, accept 30 per cent lower wages, and not laugh at 30 Rock when they have food in their mouth and it falls out a bit, on to the floor, and the cat eats it.
Caitlin Moran - How To Be a Woman