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Aug 26

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Aug 25

“So far, the only plan I’ve come up with is writing. I can write, because writing - unlike choreography, architecture or conquering kingdoms - is a thing you can do when you’re lonely and poor, and have no infrastructure, ie: a ballet troupe, or some cannons. Poor people can write. It’s one of the few things poverty, and lack of connections, cannot stop you doing.” — Caitlin Moran, How To Build A Girl (a 100% accurate).  (via weshitparacetamol)

Cynicism means your automatic answer becomes ‘No’. Cynicism means you presume everything will end in disappointment. And this is, ultimately, why anyone becomes cynical. Because they are scared of disappointment. Because they are scared someone will take advantage of them. Because they are fearful their innocence will be used against them - that when they run around gleefully trying to cram the whole world into their mouth, someone will try to poison them.

Cynicism is, ultimately, fear. Cynicism makes contact with your skin, and a thick black carapace begins to grow - like insect armour. This armour will protect your heart, from disappointment - but it leaves you almost unable to walk. You cannot dance, in this armour. Cynicism keeps you pinned to the spot, in the same posture, forever.

And, of course, the deepest irony about the young being cynical is that they are the ones that need to move, and dance, and trust the most. They need to cartwheel through a freshly burst galaxy of still-forming but glowing ideas, never scared to say ‘Yes! Why not!’ - or their generation’s culture will be nothing but the blandest, and most aggressive, or most-defended of old tropes. When young people are cynical, and snarky, they shoot down their own future. When you keep saying ‘No’ all that’s left is what other people said ‘Yes’ to, before you were born. Really, ‘No’ is no choice at all.

” — How To Build A Girl - Caitlin Moran (via mileycyrusismyreligion)

Aug 21

“Loving you is the dirty fuel that powered me, during my industrial era. You’ve got to have a hobby - and mine is you. Mine is being in love with you. It was never the sun coming up in the morning that lit up the room. It was me, quietly flaring, when you said, “One more?”” — Caitlin Moran, How To Build A Girl (2014)

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Aug 20

“If you stay up, you get the songs that everyone else misses because they’re asleep” — Morantology - Caitlin Moran (via jiminycricketheflewthecoop)

“One of the little sorrows of being cool is that similarly cool people are too cool to ever come over and tell you you’re cool - because that’s just not cool. And so, gradually, the entire point of being cool is being eroded.” — Caitlin Moran, Moranthology (via shindeagan)

Aug 14

"I’m not going to be worshipped by some powerful, loaded, sword-wielding man who will change my life if I marry him. Because that is Aragorn, son of Arathorn, and he doesn’t exist.

I don’t want some alpha-y patriarchal brute- some confident man of action who will treat me like “his woman.” When PJ O’Rourke said, “No woman ever dreamed of being thrown on a bed and ravished by someone dressed as a liberal,” I wished to cry, “Speak for yourself, dear! You are scarcely qualified to judge. When was the last time you were in All Bar One in your Spanx, eyeing up the ass?” In the modern world, this old-fashioned notion of what makes men desirable to women is useless and outdated, as evidenced by the fact that it’s usually only people over the age of 40 who ever go on about it.

…Speaking for all my lady friends, we all want some geeky, nerdy, polite, and ridiculous mate whom we can sit at home with, slagging off all the tossers, and waiting for our baked potatoes to be ready. Who, obviously, is additionally so hot for us the regularly crawls on across the front room on his hands and knees, croaking, “I must have sex with you now , or go literally insane.” Compared to that, Prince Charming looks like a total donk.

” — Caitlin Moran, How To Be a Woman
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Aug 12

“…in many ways, there is no crueler or more inappropriate present to give a child than estrogen and a big pair of tits. Had anyone asked me in advance of my birthday, I think I would have requested a thesaurus or maybe pajamas, instead.” — “How to Be a Woman” by Caitlin Moran (via slwpersonal)

“In a cramped, crowded nation, we know the essence of politeness is ignoring pretty much everyone around us.” — Caitlin Moran -Morantology (via the-english-lit-review)

Aug 09

“I wrote ‘How to Be A Woman,’ not ‘How to Be ALL Women.’ I would never presume to speak for 3.3 billion women. There is no ‘one voice of feminism.’ There is no ‘one voice’ of anything.” — Caitlin Moran (via jaynedolluk)